Our Philosophy

We offer free-of-charge publication

The authors at Dictus Publishing can enjoy free-of-charge publication of their
political and sociopolitical texts in printed book format. In order to meet this prerequisite, other services bearing high costs (proof-reading, formatting, color printing and hard-cover editions) are not provided. On the other hand, royalties, based on a minimum of sales, are offered to our authors. Under these conditions our authors also benefit from one complimentary electronic book copy.

We offer fast and efficient publication

Our work and production processes are highly standardized. We use the latest technologies in order to favor a quick and efficient global distribution of our author’s political and sociopolitical texts. After accepting their contracts online, our authors receive their personal accounts and they can submit their manuscripts online, design the book cover and subsequently finalize and authorize the publication of the book. The process is indeed very simple and fast.

We offer dedicated support

Throughout the whole publishing process, a dedicated person remains at our authors’ disposal for assistance. Your editor will be pleased to provide quick and effective answers to your queries by e-mail.

We support the ‘Open Content’ philosophy

We are one of the few publishing-houses that support the principle of „Open-Content“ – free access to creative thought and opinions. Corresponding with this idea, our authors still have the right to give free online-access to full-text versions, even after publishing their works with us. With this approach we support the exchange of research and teachings.

We are environmentally friendly and meeting market demand

Thanks to our working strategy – the use of the Print-to-Order technology – we are environmentally friendly and meeting market needs. In contrast to books going through “classical” printing method and thus producing limited editions, books at Dictus Publishing are quickly available on the market and thus enhancing global distribution. Unsold copies, and therefore wasted paper consumption, are far from being part of our strategy.